HCW Childcare Co-op

Pairing Students with Healthcare Workers


We are a group of medical students hoping to be able to help in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis.

We are currently live in Philadelphia and St. Louis, and gathering contact information such from other health sciences students around the country willing to help with child care needs of healthcare workers responding to COVID-19.

If we get enough students signed up in a given metro area, we will open that area up to healthcare workers to sign up to enter their needs, and then put each party in touch with one another to try to work out details.

Frequently Asked Questions


Does this cost money?


No. We allow students to log whether or not they need compensation, and allow healthcare providers to indicate whether or not they can provide it. The details can then be worked out between the two parties.


Will you share my information?


This is not a commercial site and your information will only be shared with volunteers to match you with a potential childcare provider or healthcare worker who needs childcare.


Do you verify student information?


No. We require a .edu email address from students but otherwise there is no verification of student information. This is a grassroots effort to match healthcare workers with students who can help them, and both parties should vet one another offline after being matched.


Other questions?


Contact us using the widget at the lower right, or visit our Twitter page. You can also email help@hcwchildcareco-op.com.