COVID-19 Healthcare Workers Childcare Co-op

Healthcare Workers

Thank you for your interest. We are currently paused for new requests. As students are asked to return to clinical environments, we have found that we were not able to successfully match a high enough percentage of healthcare workers to students who could meet their needs.

However, we are hoping that we can still remain helpful in navigating childcare during the pandemic, and we will be updating the website with additional information shortly.

Medical, Nursing, PA, and College Students in the US

Stay tuned as we work on the next phase of this project because we will still need your help.


COVID-19 Safety Disclaimer

  • Please follow official guidance and common-sense precautions regarding exposure history, and refrain from participating if you or any household contacts are symptomatic. 
  • This is an offer to help, not enrollment in a program offered by or endorsed by any employers or academic institutions. HCW Childcare Co-op is not endorsed by the employers of its participants or any affiliate organizations. We are an informal movement comprised of private individuals who want to help connect frontline health workers with options for assistance in this crisis. 
  • We do not assume liability for volunteers or frontline workers, and participants must use their own discretion to evaluate risk.

About Us

  • We are a small group of medical students trying to be helpful during the COVID-19 crisis. Your info will only be used to match you with a healthcare worker who needs childcare in your area. There is no commercial element to this project.


Want to help/other questions? Contact us using the widget at the lower right of your screen.